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Aqua~Health Beautec Ultimate Scale-Stain Remover

The ultimate scale-stain sequestrant and protectant. 

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The ultimate scale-stain sequestrant and protectant. 
Beautec provides complete surface protection: 

  1. Iron metals, 
  2. Copper metals, 
  3. Manganese metals, 
  4. Calcium (white scale) to 1,000 ppm, 
  5. Silica (hard scale) to 300 ppm.

Product Benefits:

  • Advanced all polymer formulation - phosphate and acid free. 
  • Affordable to use - only 2 to 3 bottles per year (most pools). 
  • Long lasting protection - extremely chlorine tolerant. 
  • Easy to use - monthly or twice per year application. 
  • First product to prevent all scaling minerals including hard silicates. 
  • Cleans and de-scales salt cell without acid cleaning. 
  • Protects your pool investment. 
  • Maintains beauty of interior finishes. 
  • Helps prevent future acid-washing and tile-cleaning. 

Monthly Treatment Options: 

Beautec - 1 bottle 

Initial dosage: Add 1 litre per 40,000 litres  

Monthly maintenance dosage: Add 150 ml per 40,000 litres  

Optional dosage: Add 2 litres in 2 separate increments 90 days apart
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