Dual Sanitisation System

Oxiswim sanitisation system revolutionises - and simplifies - how a swimming pool or spa is managed and maintained. It is the result from many years of research looking for healthier alternative sanitisers to chlorine.

Oxiswim allows you to run your pool and spa as:
  • Freshwater pool: a lovely and silky-smooth bathing experience, minus the chlorine irritants
  • Winter or chlorine pool: operate your pool with no extra sanitisers, reducing off-season costs


enjoy soothing freshwater
mineral crystals or vitale combination used


  • Enjoy a soothing freshwater experience
  • Asthma-friendly option when operating in the freshwater mode
  • Safe swimming environment
  • Can be used in combination with Waterco’s Mineral Crystals or
 Mineral Vitale salts
switch between chlorine & freshwater
less chemical residues


  • Switch between chlorine and freshwater experience at will
  • Easy to use, run it with minimal guidance
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing saltwater chlorinated pool
  • Less build-up of chemical residues
perfectly balanced pool water
low maintenance

Pool environment:

  • Inbuilt pH dosing pump produces perfectly balanced pool water
  • Ideal for newly built and existing pools
  • Low maintenance technology in a simple package
  • Less corrosive to pool equipment while surrounds last longer

Combining Perox sanitisers and Perox Safe & Clear produces and oxygen-enriched, freshwater swimming experience.


Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide together are proven to sanitise water far more effectively than chlorine alone. Yet, they also transform the quality of the water, along with the entire bathing experience.

How it works

Where other sanitisation systems may use one or a combination of two sanitisers, Oxiswim makes the best use of several different sanitisers to create a unique bathing experience for the swimmers and bathers.

Oxiswim’s innovative technology combines the use of electrolysis with hydrogen peroxide to form a bacterial killing weapon. The combined power of two sanitisers provides an oxygen-rich swimming environment that is exceptionally efficient in neutralising pathogens.

In addition, it’s a dual solution, which means you can flip the system in winter to a salt chlorinated pool.
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