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Revolutionizing the World of Aquaponics, One Fish at A Time!

Wed, 14 Jun 2023

Revolutionizing the World of Aquaponics, One Fish at A Time!

Established in support of sustaining Mother Nature, Aquponi’s sturgeon and tilapia farm in Aisai-city, Aichi, Japan, stands superior as the largest of its kind. This initiative belongs to Aquponi Inc., an organization championing environmental-conscious farming through the sophisticated art of aquaponics. Combining traditional farming methods with innovative technology, Aquponi Inc. has created a flourishing environment where these fascinating fish species can prosper. The aquacultural hub occupies a vast lot of 3,000 square metres, adequate to support the calibre of its operations.

Here, sturgeon and tilapia, two highly sought-after species, are bred and raised under carefully controlled conditions. Aquponi oversees the lifecycle of these fish, from their early stages as hatchlings through to maturity, ensuring optimal health and well-being. The company’s unfailing endeavours towards achieving progressive breakthroughs in aquaponic technology are undeniably proven by this pinnacle of advanced farming.

Behind the scenes of its success – is an intelligent, nature-friendly aquaculture system. Aquponi cleverly incorporates Waterco’s products into maintaining the finest quality of water possible. They manage the entire operation through smart apps and sensors that monitor the site’s temperature, humidity and other vital parameters. In the case of Aquponi’s marine threshold, the Aquabiome ASM600 filter takes the cake as the primary contributor to its pristine waters.

Sturgeon and Tilapia Farm in Aisai-city, Aichi, Japan

This high-performance mechanical and biological filter is programmed to maintain a balanced ecosystem in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The biological filtration component of the Aquabiome filter is particularly noteworthy. It is engineered to encourage beneficial bacteria growth, which aids in breaking down harmful waste products like ammonia and nitrites. The
result is a healthier, cleaner ecosystem for aquatic life.

Sturgeon in the farm

A Crystal-Clear Future with Waterco

On top of that, the company also implemented a pre-filtration stage, which maximizes the full breadth of water decontamination techniques. Namely, the Multicyclone 16 was installed on the premises. This pre-filter acts by creating a powerful vortex within its chamber, generating a strong current that eliminates waste material before they travel into the filter. With less debris reaching the chief filter, it can operate at peak efficiency for longer periods, extending its lifespan. On top of everything, Waterco’s UV Solclear is an advanced water sanitisation system that uses the power of ultraviolet (UV) light to ensure a spotless, safe, and algae-free pool. With the integration of all these components, Aquponi’s sturgeon and tilapia farm has never had a day without pure, fresh water. Aquponi Inc. has consistently evolved as such, safe in the hands of Waterco’s unparalleled service.

Aquabiome ASM600, MultiCyclone 16 and UV Solclear installed at Aquponi’s sturgeon and tilapia farm.

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