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Q360+ In-floor Pool Cleaning Systems 

Pool owner friendly in-floor cleaning system saves you time, lowers energy and maintenance costs.

Waterco’s Blue Square in-floor system cleans the entire pool,
even while you swim

Don’t waste hours cleaning your new pool when Waterco’s Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system can do it for you. Virtually invisible, the Q360 system is fully automatic and can handle high debris levels so there is no need for an additional cleaner with hoses and cords to become tangled in. The Q360 system also circulates water through the pool resulting in less algae growth, better heat and chemical dissipation with increased operating efficiencies and reduced chemical and heating costs.
Though in-floor pool cleaning systems have been around for years, nothing currently on the market comes close to the efficiency of Waterco’s Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system. With less moving parts and a revolutionary valve design propelling water more effectively through the system, the Blue Square Q360 automatically cleans most of the pool even while you swim.
“This is an in-floor cleaning system which has been aerospace engineered to provide an effective and efficient clean of the whole pool,” says Adam Shelley from Waterco. “It’s designed for maximum flow rate and to enhance circulation and evenly distribute water, which is great for heated pools in cool climates. Not only that, overall energy savings are enhanced.”


How it works

An in-floor cleaning system is designed prior to the swimming pool being constructed or manufactured, depending on the pool interior. In consists of a series of heads which pop up in the floor and steps of the pool.

Their purpose is to drive the dirt and debris towards an in-floor drain point, usually located in the deep end of the pool. Once the dirt is removed from the drain point by the pump, it usually passes into the filtration system where it will get trapped.

In leafy pools, there is an additional primary straining point, which catches the heavy leaf matter before the filtration system which will free up the skimmer box and enable leaves to be skimmed from the surface of the pool. Every system must be designed individually as every pool is usually a different shape and size. This system also aids in chemical distribution and heat circulation throughout the entire pool. Some systems rely solely on the filtration pump to drive them and others require a separate pump to operate the cleaning system.
Q360 cleaning jets

Similar to a pop up garden sprinkler, the Blue Square Q360 system includes 360° 14-point rotation in-floor mounted cleaning jets, which rise successively to sweep debris from the pool floor and steps, becoming virtually invisible when it lowers to flush when finished. The 360° rotating jets evenly distribute cleaning power and increase the circulation of your pool water. Cleaning jets are available in five colours to allow pool owners the flexibility to coordinate with their pool’s finish. Replacement heads are easy to remove and install.
Combine the system with the virtually invisible Eclipse main drain for stunning results.

R360 Infloor Replacement Jets

Introducing the R360 Infloor Replacement Jets: Effortlessly Upgrade Your Pool

Enhance your pool's cleaning performance effortlessly and affordably with our R360 Infloor Replacement Jets. We've developed retro-fit infloor jets specifically designed to elevate your pool maintenance experience. With our R360 retro-fit jets, you can effortlessly transform your pool without breaking the bank.

Our R360 Infloor Replacement Jets are meticulously engineered and manufactured to seamlessly fit into the collars of other manufacturers' systems, including the Paramount PV3, PC2000, and Caretaker Bayonet. No need for complex installations or expensive modifications - simply snap and lock our retro-fit jets into the existing collars, and you're all set.

What sets our R360 replacement jets apart is their innovative ratchet system. Unlike random cleaning patterns, our jets operate on a reliable and efficient ratchet system, guaranteeing thorough and consistent cleaning every single time. Say farewell to inconsistent cleaning patterns and welcome a pristine pool that glistens with cleanliness.

Upgrade your pool effortlessly and enjoy the efficiency and reliability of our R360 Infloor Replacement Jets. With their swift and easy installation, enhanced cleaning performance, and compatibility with various competitor systems, it's time to elevate your pool maintenance to the next level with our exceptional R360 Replacement Jets.

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