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What are Water Filters?

Water filters are tools used in the process of water treatment by removing or reducing the level of contamination such as sediments, taste, odour, hardness and bacteria. This is either done through physical barriers or chemical treatments. Each filter has its own purpose and methods of cleansing the water. The range also varies depending on whether it is for commercial or industrial use


Safe Drinking Water

Agricultural Irrigation

Swimming Pool

Public Aquariums



Types of Water Filter in Malaysia


Industrial Water Treatment 

The industrial water treatment system treats water for manufacturing, consumption or even disposal. Commonly it is used to optimise water-based industrial processes such as cleaning, processing, cooling and more. It all depends on the facility that it’s used. 

Cartridge and Bag 

The cartridge and bag-type filters are designed to remove and replace the cartridge/bag easily. Compatible with many types of fluids, learn more about the filters that are available here.


Centrifugal Filters

Water purification is done effortlessly with Waterco’s award-winning MultiCyclone technology. From pre-filtration to being UV and corrosion proof, this range has a lot to offer. 

Fibreglass Filters

With a more natural flow through filter, the new lateral configuration offers an optimal water purification system and balances fluidisation of the filter bed. For a more in-depth insight, take a look at our Fiberglass Filter category.

Drinking Water Purifiers

It is important to know that the water you drink is clean and safe. A water purifier helps in removing harmful elements in your water so that you and your family are provided with good quality water.


Filter with Multi-media

With the help of new cutting edge technology, filters such as Aquaflo can be equipped with a multi-media system that removes and reduces various harmful substances. By using five layers of filter media, it produces a higher flow rate with longer service runs.

Planning to get a water purification system?


As yourself these questions: 


What kind of filter do I need?

What contamination does the filter remove?

How much filtered water do you need?

What other water purification system can I try to use?

Does it take a lot of space?

How often do I need to service it? 

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