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Single-speed vs Variable-speed: Which pump is suitable for your pool?

Tue, 22 Mar 2022

Electric pool pumps are cogs in the wheel of the filter system. In other words, they are the heart of your pool system. They are very important in the effective functioning of the filter system. If you use a swimming pool regularly, you have to filter it.

Without a filter pump, a pool will soon become a hotbed of bacteria and dirt. The aesthetics of the swimming pool are ruined as it becomes a breeding ground for diseases. This is what every pool owner has to avoid.  


What Is a Pool Pump?

Pool pumps are swimming pool filter system installations that suck water by creating a vacuum using an electric motor. The water pulled in is pushed against a filter media. The pores on the media trap impurities while allowing water to flow through to the next stage of circulation and purification.

Filter pumps have two essential functions: circulating and aid in. The filter rests within the pump. This means that a pool pump can exist without a filter. 


Which Type of Pump Is Suitable for You?

Various types of pool pumps are required to provide the pressure needed to circulate water through the filter media and achieve its impurities removal. Your choice of pool pump matters, as pumps are built differently to offer different filtration flow rates.

Although there are many pool pumps, the most frequently asked question in the market is whether to buy a variable-speed pump or a single-speed pump.

In this section, we will outline their unique features so that you can make a well-informed decision about which is better for you.


Single-Speed Pump

Single-speed pumps are the most commonly used pool pumps by Malaysian swimming pool owners. As the name implies, not much horsepower is needed to clean a swimming pool. 

Several horsepower options range from 0.5 HP to a commercial level of 20 HP. One of the best things about this type of pump is that when they operate, they run at full speed no matter what.

This type of pump comes in various styles and models. Most of the designs are simple and do not come with the smart features that other new models have.

Single-speed pumps are highly durable and, when used correctly, can keep your water clean and clear.


  • Highly durable.
  • Cost-efficient and easy to repair.
  • Can clean small to commercial-sized pools depending on horsepower.
  • Always operates at full speed.


  • Increases energy costs because it requires a huge amount of power to run.
  • No additional smart features.
  • Uses only one speed.
  • The horsepower can be too much for some pools.


Variable-Speed Pump

Variable-speed pumps come with different flow rate settings. They have an increased turnover and do not require a lot of power to operate. This makes such pumps a lot better than single-speed pumps when it comes to energy costs and sanitization efficiency.

A variable-speed pump can be run at a slower speed to clean a pool. The task will take longer to complete but a variable-speed pump will save energy costs and still keep the pool clean and clear. You can operate it at the speed of single-speed pumps, but the energy costs will be relatively higher than its variable-speed counterpart.

A variable-speed pump uses a permanent motor magnet that is programmed to run at different speeds at different times. Many variable-speed pumps come with smart features that enhance their functions.


  • Noise reduction due to reduced power.
  • Saves energy costs because not much power is used.
  • Comes with smart features.
  • Has controllable speeds.
  • With an increased water turnover, the pool water will become cleaner.


  • Very expensive to repair.
  • Is more expensive than single-speed pumps.


All in All 

If you are looking for a pool pump that is energy-saving and noiseless and has adjustable and controllable flow rates, you can go for an option like the variable-speed pump.

If you wish to avoid the upfront costs of a variable-speed pump, you can go for a single-speed pump. However, remember to keep the horsepower as low as possible within the six-hour cycle mark. 

This way you can minimize the noise and inconvenience. For further information, get in touch with Waterco, a leading swimming pool equipment and accessories supplier in Malaysia. We offer sand filter pumps, electric pool pumps, and more. 

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