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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Zeolite for Your Pool

Wed, 9 Mar 2022

Nature has provided an abundance of resources to enhance the way we live. One of those resources is zeolite. Zeolite is a water filtration media for attaining a sustainable water treatment solution. 

Its numerous pores, high adsorption rate, and ion exchange properties make it one of the best types of filtration media. The voids in zeolite help catch debris that passes through them in a pool filter system

Zeolite is naturally formed by volcanic rocks or ash layers reacting with alkaline water. Moreover, it can be formed synthetically with a heated solution of silica, alumina, and sodium hydroxide.



Applications of Zeolite in Water Treatment

Zeolite is a water filter medium with various applications. Its applications stem from its high adsorption rate and ion exchange properties. The three main uses of zeolites are gas separation, catalysis, and ion exchange.


1. Ion Exchange

Zeolite pores bind easily and loosely to cations in an aqueous media. When used in swimming pools or drinking water, they trap the magnesium and calcium (cations) present in the water to soften it and make it purer. Another application of this can be seen in soap and detergents.

2. Adsorption

Zeolite has a high capacity for gas separation. Its pores are capable of allowing particles of certain dimensions to pass through them. This property is adjusted to permit a certain size and number of cations to move in through the pores.


3. Catalysis

Zeolite also acts as catalysts for reactions involving organic molecules. Such reactions include hydrocarbon synthesis and isomerization. In addition, zeolite can promote catalytic reactions involving acid-base and active metals.

The reactions take place within the pores of the zeolite. This application is used in petroleum refining, petrochemical production, synfuel production, and more.


4. Agriculture

Ammonia and odour releases associated with livestock can be reduced with zeolite. They can be used as effective carriers of nutrients to promote nutrient use by plants. Zeolite is also a good soil ameliorant and is effective in the remediation of heavy metal-contaminated soil.


5. Household Water Treatment

Zeolite is a robust household water treatment solution. The high performance of the flow-through filter makes it ideal for water purification in many homes. The water treatment solution it offers is highly sustainable and safe for use. This is one of the reasons why it is found in many homes.



Benefits of Zeolite Filter Media as a Pool Filter Over Conventional Sand Filter Media

There are certain features you should keep an eye out for when you are searching for filter media. They include life span, effectiveness, cost, and more. Let’s look at these features in more detail.


1. Zeolite Filter Media Has a Longer Life Span

One of the benefits of zeolite filter media over sand filter media is its durability. It lasts between 5 to 7 years as compared to sand filter media's 3 to 5. This factors into the high cost of zeolite, but the damage, repairs, or replacement it prevents make up for it.


2. Zeolite Filter Media Has a Lower Micron Rating

Zeolite has a micron rating of 10 microns as compared to the 20 microns of pool sand filter. This makes for better trapping of particles in an aqueous media. 


3. Zeolite Filter Media Has an Adsorption Property to Remove Ammonia

One of the handiest benefits of zeolite filter media is its adsorption ability when it comes to removing ammonia from the water. It adsorbs ammonium ions, utilizing ion exchange in a swimming pool filter system; the ammonium ions are exchanged for sodium ions.



All In All 

Filtration technology has come a long way to ensure that your swimming pool filtration system stays up and running. Zeolite is a great investment that you can make for your pool filtration system. 

Its long durability, high filtration rate, effectiveness, and high adsorption rate make zeolites one of the best types of filter media.

Waterco’s ZeoPlus filter media is a top-notch and microporous media with ammonia removal properties. It is a naturally occurring mineral rock that will significantly improve the quality of your swimming pool. 

You can get Waterco’s ZeoPlus filter media from your swimming pool accessories suppliers or swimming pool equipment suppliers in Malaysia.

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