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The Most Vital Component in a Water Filter System for Clean and Purified Water

Tue, 16 May 2023

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Drinking clean, purified water is the need of the hour. Be it a household setting or an industrial setting, clean water is a must. In a water filter system, filtration is one of the most important processes for obtaining clean and purified water. 

Filtration involves the removal of impurities from water. The main components used for filtration consist of a sediment filter, antibacterial system, carbon filter, and others, which help in the filter system's smooth functioning. 

Even though the method used for a properly functioning water purification system varies, the basic components and processes remain the same. This ensures the effective working of the system. 

Water purifiers in Malaysia have various types of systems and products utilized for producing clean and purified water.

Filtration process

A purification system functions through various stages of filtration, intending to remove any kind of impurities from water. The filtration process forms an integral part of water treatment, involving different materials and tools based on the nature of the process. 

The main stages in a filtration process are the following:    


1. Pre-filtration or sediment filtration

In this preventive stage, the main aim is to trap and remove any kind of larger particles present in the water. This process is done to prevent any further harm that may happen due to the presence of such large particles.


2. Antibacterial system

In this stage, an antibacterial component is utilized through a proper system to remove harmful viruses or bacteria and prevent diseases or health issues.


3. Activated carbon filtration

Any impurities (pesticides or chemicals) dissolved in water can be removed using this method of activated carbon filtration.


4. Reverse Osmosis

The smaller impurities that remain after the initial filtration process are removed through the process of reverse osmosis. Any minerals or salts that are not required are removed by forcing the water to flow through high-pressure membranes.


5. Post-filtration

In the final stage, the main aim is to maintain the taste and quality of the water. Additionally, remove any other impurities that may be present in it.


Sieving, depth filtration, and adsorption

The elements and processes involved in a filtration system play an integral role in ensuring proper functioning and producing the clean water required for drinking. 


1. Sieving

Sieving is an important process in water treatment where solid components can be removed through certain grids. Particles of different sizes can be removed using this method, where a sieve is utilized.


2. Depth filtration 

In in-depth filtration, particles like dirt, sand, grit, etc., which belong to a broad range, are removed using suitable materials. One of the main advantages of using this method is that it can retain the particles throughout the medium rather than retaining them on the surface. 


3. Adsorption

When it comes to dissolved impurities, the most common process of adsorption is used to obtain healthy and clean water. The contaminants present in water can be removed using this process, where any tiny particles can be removed through suitable purification techniques.


Fibreglass filter

Fibreglass filters are an innovative water filtration solution, offering a durable and efficient alternative to traditional materials. These filters, housed in fibreglass vessels, provide excellent filtration performance without corroding, rusting, or leaving unsightly stains. 

Their non-corrosive nature ensures long-lasting effectiveness and low maintenance, making them ideal for both residential and commercial water treatment systems. 

By choosing fibreglass filters, you invest in a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option that guarantees clean, safe, and high-quality water.  

Final takeaways 

Water filtration through the use of suitable and advanced techniques has become necessary for maintaining water quality and removing impurities. 

The innovative techniques utilized in the Micron W series of Waterco have made it one of the best water filters designed for providing high-quality and clean water. 

Waterco’s DMI-Plus is another water filtration media defined as an extremely powerful catalytic media that can help enhance filtration. 

It has a high ability to remove iron and manganese, which are present in the water. In addition, Waterco’s Zeoplus pool filter media has enhanced features for improving the quality of the water in the swimming pool. 

It has a microporous structure and can remove ammonia using specific properties for the same.   
For further information regarding water purification systems or water filter systems, please get in touch with our water filter specialists for a full consultation.    

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