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Answering Nature's Call, Should You Do It in the Pool?

Thu, 9 Mar 2023

When you consider the recommendations from a urologist, health is taken extremely seriously, especially for pleasant activities like swimming. 

Even though it sounds like a common sense rule not to pee in the pool, individuals frequently violate it. Swimming in a pool that contains pee can actually harm your health. Your body will instantly feel the effects.    

According to reports, approximately 17% of people urinate in swimming pools. Now picture yourself attending a pool party with 20 of your friends. 

Statistics show that at least four of them have urinated in the water you swim in. That’s the reason why pool facilities have now started using cleaning products for swimming pools
Besides being repulsive, peeing in pool water encourages the development of dangerous compounds. DBPs (disinfection byproducts) appear as soon as perspiration, chlorine, and urine are in contact with body oils.  

These DBPs occur when organic material from our bodies reacts with chlorine, harming our health. This gives rise to the need for a pool chlorinator cell.

Urine contains a substance called urea, which is produced when your liver decomposes ammonia. Together with many other proteins and compounds, urea contains nitrogen. Trichloramine is created when that nitrogen interacts with chlorine or when you pee in the pool.


Why should you not pee in the pool?

There are health organizations across the globe highlighting the problems with peeing in the pool. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also educates on the same.

Also, according to the CDC, pee combined with chlorine releases compounds that can cause your eyes to become red and itchy. Think twice before assuming that chlorine is the cause of your red, itchy eyes.  

The mix of chlorine and pee is the real cause of eye redness and irritation. Hence, if you rub your eyes after a pleasant day of swimming, know that it is likely the result of someone else urinating in the pool. Thus, the need for water purifiers arises.  

When urine's nitrogen and pool chlorine interact, cyanogen chloride is created. It is categorized as a nerve gas agent because its properties are similar to those of tear gas. It leads to irritation in the lungs, eyes, and nose.  

This is why finding the right guidance and solutions on hygiene, prevention, and the right authentic purification systems is imperative.

In a recent study, uric acid—found in urine—and chlorine were combined in a laboratory setting. The researchers discovered roughly 30 micrograms per liter (or parts per billion) of cyanogen chloride in their worst-case scenario cocktail of chemicals imitating both urine and sweat, coupled with high quantities of chlorine. 

The World Health Organization recommends that drinking water contain a cyanogen content of 70 parts per billion. This is why there is a need for a really good, effective, and reliable water purification system provider.

Similarly, Waterco pioneers provide trustworthy answers for clean water environments utilized in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.


Final takeaways 

When you pee in the pool, it results in organic matter reacting with chemicals in the water. This leads to the formation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs). These DBPs are harmful to our health, according to the data released by the American Chemical Society.
Even if it is not a serious offense, peeing in the pool has some negative side effects. Waterco's products provide the best solution to this problem.  
This is how Waterco can help keep the swimming pool clean and at its best:

  • Aquahealth by Waterco is a collection of chemicals used to keep pools and spas safe and clean. It includes a range of sanitizers, balancers, and specialty products to maintain water quality.
  • A naturally formed mineral rock called ZeoPlus can be found in places with volcanic activity. Its microporous structure and ammonia removal abilities will considerably improve your swimming pool's water quality.    

The management and upkeep of a swimming pool or spa have been revolutionized by the Oxiswim sanitization technology, which also makes things simpler.  

It is the outcome of many years of study toward safer substitutes for chlorine in sanitizers. 

To get more information on them, connect with Waterco, your water purifier specialist in Malaysia and around the world.   

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