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Hydroxypure system receives gold for excellence

Tue, 30 Sep 2014

It’s being installed in domestic pools around the world and is set to be rolled out across a Queensland holiday resort – and now Waterco’s Hydroxypure chlorine-free pool system has received a major accolade at the 2014 SPASA Victoria Awards for Excellence.

At the award ceremony held at the end of August, Hydroxypure picked up a gold award for ‘Best Control, Water Quality or Convenience Product’.

“The interest in Hydroxypure around the world has already been outstanding – and this award further reinforces that this is a product to be reckoned with,” says Waterco director Bryan Goh. “We are getting immensely positive feedback from pool owners using the system, so to be recognised in this category by our industry and peers is a major accolade.

“Hydroxypure ticks a lot of boxes, from the health benefits to the environmental benefits. It is a fundamental breakthrough in water treatment, providing not only an automated chlorine free environment, but also the added advantage of complete water recycling without any additional treatment.”

At the Turtle Beach Resort in Queensland, where the Hydroxypure system is set to be rolled out across all the pools and water features, there have already been myriad benefits of installing the system:

Reuse of waste water: Waste water from the filter cleaning cycles is used to either irrigate the gardens or fill water features.
Improved growth in gardens: Gardens where waste water has been used have shown enhanced growth, due to the highly oxygenated water created by the Hydroxypure system.
Fewer backwashing cycles: This has enhanced water conservation, as a result of the function of the award-winning MultiCyclone pre-filtration device.

“The Hydroxypure system mimics the natural cleansing cycle within the environment to control bacteria. By using a combination of hybrid ozone and hydrogen peroxide, effective bacterial deactivation occurs, with the only by-product of this reaction being H2O,” Mr Goh says.

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