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Waterco’s supersized bristle brush engineered for commercial pool cleaners

Thu, 27 Aug 2020

New PRO Pool Care Tool ideal for public pools and large-scale algae problems

Pool product manufacturer Waterco (ASX:WAT) has supersized the traditional pool bristle brush to help owners of large pools and commercial cleaning crews reduce maintenance time and chemical costs.

The new 450mm wide head is more than triple the size of Waterco’s original, 143mm PRO Algae Brush – which is still available – providing more coverage and manoeuvrability with its ergonomic design.

“We engineered the larger size after listening to the industry and end users needing a more robust brush,” says Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh. “It’s ideal for domestic pools with large-scale algae problems and public facilities such as civic pools and aquatic centres.”

Special features of Waterco’s new 450mm PRO Algae Brush:

  • Non-corrosive, U.V. stabilised plastics engineered to last
  • Larger design moves efficiently in water by minimising resistance
  • Flexible head cleans from the waterline to the pool floor
  • Universal design fits standard telescopic poles
  • Storage hole hangs for easy access in equipment room
  • Designed for homeowners and professional pool cleaners
  • Sustainable packaging made from recycled materials

“Waterco’s PRO Pool Care Tools are designed to do the job quickly and efficiently, enabling commercial pool cleaners and maintenance teams to sustain healthy, algal free pool water,” says Goh.

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