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Perox Perfect and Perox pH Control

Perox Perfect and Perox pH Control are two auxiliary chemicals that complement the use of Perox sanitisers in Hydroxypure system. The ingredients used are carefully screened through to ensure water quality that is akin to natural spring water. These chemicals, when used in harmony in Hydroxypure system, guarantee a truly comfortable and chlorine-free swimming experience.

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Perox Perfect
The Perox Perfect has flocculating effects to clump floating microscopic particles such as algae spores and microscopic debris. These clumps known as floc, will then be filtered off by mechanical means in the filter tank. It is available in a 15L container.

Perox pH Control
The Perox pH Control is the solution to regulate acidity or basicity of pool water. Perox pH Control contains formulated additives to ensure pH balance of pool water for enhanced clarity. It also works in great synergy with H2O2 from Hydroxypure. The Perox pH Control is available in a 15L container.

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