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Ammonia Removal

• Dual filtration
• Superior water clarity
• Easy backwash filter
• Easy maintenance

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Deep Bed for Superior Filtration
W & WD filters are designed with filter depths of 600mm and 1000mm respectively, providing enhanced in depth filtration and increased dirt retention capacity

Dual Filtration
ZeoPlus provides excellent mechanical filtration of suspended particles. In addition to trapping the larger particulates between the grains of the ZeoPlus (similar to the filtration mechanism of sand), ZeoPlus is also capable of filtering the smaller particulates by catching them within its micro porous structure and surface irregularities. It is this dual filtration action that helps ZeoPlus achieves superior water clarity.

Ammonia Removal
Ammonia is present when ammonium ions mix with chlorine, which results in forming chloramines. Chloramines then produces “chlorine” odour. To quickly and effectively
remove the formation of chloramines, the enhanced properties of ZeoPlus media acts to reduce and remove ammonia.

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