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Hydroxzone Ozone Generator

The Hydroxzone is one of the key components of Waterco’s new Hydroxypure chlorine-free pool system, and it’s designed as a standalone product for both new and existing swimming pools.


    Patented Technology

    The Hydroxzone Ozonator uses hybrid patented technology to produce not only ozone but also hydroxyl radicals, which, combined, add another level of effectiveness in terms of oxidation and sanitation. 

    Waterco’s Hydroxzone system uses a modified VUV (high intensity ultraviolet light) ozone tube as a corona electrode to simulate nature (hybrid ozone acts like the sun). The result is an ozone generator that produces ozone using corona discharge technology and high energy light in one system.

    Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)

    The combination also catalyses Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) and, as a result, hydroxyl radicals are generated. Put simply, hydroxyl radicals are typically formed when UV rays break up ozone and water droplets and then recombine. Scientists have dubbed hydroxyl radicals as the detergent of the atmosphere.

    The main benefit of the system is an additional ‘layer’ of sanitisation. Ozone, which is found in nature, kills microorganisms, destroys organics and breaks down chloramines by oxidation. It’s highly effective in reducing and destroying chloramines in the water. 

    In addition, ozone provides micro-flocculation to aid filtration and noticeably improve water clarity. It also destroys biofilm and reduces the amount of chlorine consumption while maintaining Free Available Chlorine (FAC) residual.

    Wateco’s Hydroxzone Ozonator can be used in pools with manual or automatic chlorine dosing and also with salt chlorinators.


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